Your favorite Beach Cooler with speakers.
Light up your vacation.

Versatile cooler
Perfect for vacation use

This summer, run away with your fashionable friend PARAGO PG36 to enjoy a cool and fruitful journey!

PARAGO PG36 is an ideal mobile cooler for holidays and vacations. In-built batteries last for up to 6.5 hours so no need to worry for a long picnic. Food, drinks, medicine......anything you want, just put it into PG36 and keep it cool!

European compressor cooling technology(-10 °C to +20 °C)keeps food and drinks cool for up to 72 hours without charging. Super quick cooling function cools your food from room temperature to 0 °C in only 15 minutes.

The versatile mobile cooler can also be used as a music player or power bank. PG36 is designed with built-in party speakers so that great music may join you all the way down. 4 USB ports can charge up to 4 external devices at once.

Large storage volume (36L) and two separate cooling compartments satisfy all your needs to take around.

PG 36

Storage: 36L
Recommended for self-use / gifts:
Traveler, off-road enthusiast, self-driving lover, outdoor fanatic, beach lover.


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